Hear Now!'s Purpose Statement

  1. To communicate Jesus, His Jewishness and His relevance to both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

    • For the Jewish community of faith it is important for them to understand that Jesus is Jewish, he is of their flesh. He is not a threat. Too often Jesus is vilified and misunderstood. It is important for Jewish people to know what the New Covenant scriptures teach about Jesus and his followers in order understand that it does not contain teachings that are anti-Semitic.

    • Martin Buber correctly observed : " It is a peculiar manifestation of our exile-psychology that we permitted, and even aided in the deletion of New Testament Messianism, that meaningful offshoot of our spiritual history. It was in a Jewish land, that this spiritual revolution was kindled; and Jews were those who spread it all over the land...." "We must overcome the superstitious fear which we harbor about the Messianic movement of Jesus, and we must place the movement where it belongs, namely in the spiritual history of Judaism..."
  2. To educate Christians regarding the Jewish roots of their faith.

    • Both testaments are Jewish

    • The apostles were Jewish.

    • Jesus is Jewish

      • Benefits:

        • Eradication of  anti-Semitism in the Church

        • Christians will gain a better understanding of their faith

        • Appreciation and understanding will be fostered for the Jewish people

  3. To instruct Christians on how to intelligently articulate their faith in the Jewish Messiah to their Jewish friends and associates.

    • Followers of Messiah should be able to "give a reasoned answer to anyone who asks..."

  4. To pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)